At Vantage Point Financial Services, LLC, we have been able to establish ourselves as independent advisors offering a wide variety of financial solutions to fit each person’s investing approach and comfort level.

In light of the constant streaming of media and communication through modern technology, we specialize in providing our clients with “Financial Perspective”. With over 23 years of experience in the financial services industry, we are able to dissect the current news of the day and talk to our clients in terms of how that news relates to their particular situation or how it does not. Our focus is on using solid fundamentals of financial planning to look at the long term goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon of each individual client. Keeping this approach in mind, we are committed to giving our clients individual attention to their unique financial situation.

Investment Management Style

Our investment management style is paired with a comprehensive approach to the financial planning process. At the onset of our working relationship, we collect the appropriate data which will give us a better idea of your specific situation.  Next, we will analyze that data and determine any areas that are considered blind spots and need attention. Then we will construct a plan that incorporates your financial goals, risk tolerance level, and time frame. Afterwards, we will monitor the progress of the portfolio and meet periodically to evaluate whether goals are on track according to the original criteria.